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Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

All Natural Immune System BoostersWell, it happened.  I let my guard down and it happened.  A terrible bug found its way into our house, getting us all sick and putting me out of commission for over a week.

It started with the kids.  First the little one.  When she got better the big one came down with it.  Then my husband.  Finally, once I had them all back to fully-functioning, it hit me.  And it was one nasty bug, bringing on the fever, body aches, headaches, and sore throat with a vengeance.

I guess I got a little cocky, getting through the best of winter without a sickness-induced shutdown at our house.  I let up on our winter-immune-system-routine a little early.  One day of temperatures in the 60’s and I’m all like “IT’S SPRIIIIIING!” (in my best Oprah voice). Continue reading

Homemade Fruit Snacks

Simple Homemade Fruit Snacks - by Little Bits of GranolaI shared a photo on Instagram yesterday of some homemade fruit snacks that I made for the kiddos.  Megan, of the lovely blog HEN Family, asked where she could find the recipe so I thought I ought to share it with you all here!

It’s quite simple.  I adapted my recipe from this one by Wellness Mama.  I love to use peach mango juice by Apple and Eve, which I buy at Costco.  You can also use any other kind of juice you want, so get creative! Continue reading